Inventory Control With RFID

Research has strongly indicated that using traditional stock management tools such as barcode readers with one to two stock counts annually delivers an annual stock accuracy of around 65% to 75%. Using RFID increases stock accuracy to 98%. The result – more sales. Increase your merchandising and sell more in-store by implementing a RFID-enabled solution with us today.

Industry feedback is showing that by implementing RFID you can expect sales increases of 5% to 15%.

RFID Solution Overview

Merchandise Effectively

  • Merchandise effectively
  • Sell More In Store
  • Integrates With Existing Systems

Sell More

  • Have Stock Readily Available
  • Increase Sales By 15%
  • Engage effectively

Increase Accuracy

  • Reduce stock take hours
  • Increase Stock Take Accuracy To 98%
  • Quicker buying decisions

How can we help?

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